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Laravel 5.1 Packages

Laravel 5.1 Packages

  • 2nd Feb 2016
  • PHP

Laravel 5.1 Packages

Here are the most packages that I use for a typical fresh build of Laravel 5.1 :

Laravel Generators [documentation]

"pingpong/generators": "~2.0",

Laravel Collective: HTML and Form builders [documentation]

"laravelcollective/html": "5.2.*",

Laravel Debugbar: integrate PHP Debug Bar with Laravel [documentation]

"barryvdh/laravel-debugbar": "^2.0",

Whoops: error handler

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Splitting large MySQL dump files

One of the depressed things with operating with MySQL is of importing giant sql dump files.
Either you get a “max execution time exceeded” error from PHP or a”Max_allowed_packet_size” from MySQL.

The goal is separate the large “INSERT” statements into smaller size files.
Every statement has to be in single

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How To Install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

About LAMP

LAMP stack is a group of open source software used to get web servers up and running. The acronym stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Since the server is already running Fedora, the linux part is taken care of. Here is how to install the rest.


Before you

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PHP Trader

Trader PHP extension

Trader PHP extension

The Trader extension is a free open source stock library, based on TA-Lib. It’s dedicated to trading software developers requiring to perform technical analysis of financial market data. Alongside many indicators like ADX, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, TRIX the candlestick pattern recognition and several vector arithmetic, and algebraic functions

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Install and Configure Cacti Network Graphing Tool

Install and Configure Cacti on Linux

Cacti is a network graphing tool similar to MRTG. How do I install and configure common options to collect SNMP data and various other data (such as system load, network link status, hard disk space, logged in users etc) into an RRD?

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