Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL

Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL provides real-time monitoring and delivers comprehensive performance, availability and configuration information for your MySQL databases.

MySQL Performance Monitoring

Comprehensive database monitoring enables you to identify the problem areas in your database environment that are degrading performance. View the real-time performance metrics and important KPIs for your MySQL servers.

MySQL Availability Monitoring

Monitor the recent availability and uptime statistics for all of your MySQL instances. Database availability monitoring and measurement lets developers and DBAs know if they are meeting their Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments.

MySQL Metric Collection

Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL collects more than 500 metrics covering various MySQL components. Metrics can be scheduled at user-scheduled intervals. Custom critical and warning thresholds can then be set for each of the collected metrics.

MySQL Alerts and Notifications

Take advantage of the rich incident alerting and notification system in Enterprise Manager. Users can define any number of custom thresholds for the collected metrics and be notified of critical events via SMTP, SNMP, OS command, scripts and more.

MySQL Configuration Management

The plugin implements Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM) features. Oracle Enterprise Manager collects MySQL server configuration details and then tracks changes to those server options over time so that DBAs can easily keep track of configuration changes and the related change history.

MySQL Reports

Users can monitor database activities using pre-defined performance reports for Connections, Statements, InnoDB Buffer Pool, InnoDB File I/O, Tables / Rows, and Query Cache. Metrics are presented in time series graphs for comparing current and historical values.

MySQL Remote Monitoring

The plugin supports monitoring of remote MySQL servers so that the Oracle Management Agent doesn’t have to be installed on every server where MySQL servers are running, greatly simplifying the management and deployment process.

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